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March 12, 2014

The sweetest photos of PAWS Chicago foster cats and kittens

Here are all the kitties I fostered for PAWS Chicago in 2013. Each one has a very special place in my heart, even though I only had each for one to eight weeks. Each came to me with a special set of issues that needed tending to before they could be adopted into their forever homes. Almost all had respiratory infections at some point. A few had intestinal issues–which is not a glamorous nursing job! Some were motherless and needed to be hand-fed until they were old enough to each and potty on their own. Some just needed a week or two away from the shelter to relax or get all their booster shots before they could be spayed/neutered. And, sadly, not every story has a glorious, happy end. Some babies were just never strong enough to thrive because they were born into a cruel world where nature and humans didn’t care for them as they deserved.

I remember all their names. I know all their sweet faces. I will always be the only “mama” sweet babies Teeter, Flippy, and Swing ever had. They are as special to me as the two kitties I raised and cared for in my life for over fifteen years.

Fostering animals when they are at their most vulnerable, at their weakest is my calling (outside of my professional work as a photographer, educator, writer, etc.). I cannot imagine ever not doing it now! There are times when work and life get incredibly hectic. I simply take a few weeks or month off from fostering, then get my home ready once again when things are in order. It is not for everyone. It requires great patience, understanding of the species you are caring for (I am now the go-to gal for many of my friends for basic kitty advice), and there is some heartache as well. But in the end, fostering (in my opinion) is THE most important stage in an animal’s life as a rescue.

I hope this sweet little slideshow encourages people to seek out the shelters and rescue in their hometowns, and ask how they can help animals in need. It’s not just cats and dogs, but also rabbits, parrots, lizards, guinea pigs, potbelly pigs, chickens, and so many others. And, shelter don’t just need volunteers and financial donations (although both are very important!). They also need old blankets and towels, food donations, drivers who can take sick animals to a vet appointment, community outreach, marketing help, fundraiser event help, and so much more. Reach out and ask. Be part of a solution–giving abused, abandoned, and unwanted pets a happy, healthy life, and lowering animal populations with better animal husbandry and education.

I am so lucky to be part of the PAWS Chicago program. But there are dozens of stellar rescues in my city. Felines and Canines, Trio Animal Foundation, Home, Tree House Cat Rescue, and so many others! I am so excited Chicago recently passed a city ordinance banning the sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits in pets shops, except certified shelter rescues! The number of animals euthanized at the county open-access shelters has gone way, way down in ten years to record lows. I hope Chicago continues to lead the way in how animal rescue can be done humanely, smartly, and with great pride.

Again, please find the local shelters and rescue in your area, and ask how you can help in whatever ways you are able.

January 10, 2014

Jay Z heats things up at Chicago’s United Center (photo)


©Brigette Supernova/Outer Focus Photos

One of my photos from last Jay Z’s “Magna Carter World Tour” show at the United Center in Chicago, IL January 9, 2014. To see more photos and read show review, visit: http://www.examiner.com/article/jay-z-s-hot-show-defrosts-chicago-s-united-center

December 30, 2013

2013 – The year in music photography by Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

2013 concert photography by Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos.
Music by Zero 1 “Chosen”.
Artists include: Pink, Danielle Colby, Dannie Diesel, Ghost, Ghost BC, Hessler, Pennywise, LL Cool J, Rob Zombie, Ivy Levan, Drowning Pool, Fitz and the Tantrums, Kory Clark, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, Blondie, Debbie Harry, Five Finger Death Punch, Danko Jones, Amon Amarth, Tom Keifer, Cinderella, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Gogol Bordello, Volbeat, Crucified Barbara, Jimmy Eat World, Dave Navarro, Jane’s Addiction, John Mayer, Tim McGraw, Mer, Rick Springfield, Riot Fest, House of Blues, Rival Sons, Dropkick Murphys, Cody SImpson, Pitbull, Billy Idol, Icona Pop, Miyavi, Coheed and Cambria, Dirty Pearls, Black Actress, Awolnation.

December 27, 2013

Offbeat, Rock and Roll, Vintage, Same Sex, Indie wedding photography for 2014


It’s that time of year… When people “pop the question” under the mistletoe!
If you or someone you know is recently engaged, and my style of colorful, creative photography would be a great fit with their vintage, offbeat, rock ‘n’ roll, same sex, steampunk, or just simply awesome wedding, be sure to share/check out my portfolio:
Please note: I will only be booking SIX more unions for 2014! Do not hesitate to call soon to ensure your date with Outer Focus Photos! 773 . 853 . 2283 info @ outerfocusphotos .com

December 5, 2013

Icona Pop perform at Metro Chicago, Lollapalooza 2013

December 2, 2013

PDN “Ultimate Music Moments” 2013: 1st place, live performance

I am super stoked to announce I was chosen as the First Place winner in the esteemed PDN Magazine‘s 2013 “Ultimate Music Moment” contest. My photo of Chicago’s Black Actress performing at local dive bar Liar’s Club was chosen as the first place winner for Live Performance in the professional photographer’s category.

As a professional freelance Photo Editor myself, it is always fascinating (and sometimes bewildering) to see what images are chosen from year to year by the different judges. I actually thought some of my other entries were more awe-inspiring or aesthetically interesting. But, hey, I’m not complaining. This is a rad photo of a rad band, at a rad bar, by a rad Photographer!

While I don’t usually get too excited about contests–win or lose–PDN is one of the few outlets Photo Editors, Buyers, Art Producers, Designers, Art Directors, Ad Creatives, etc. all read regularly and sometimes use to scout photo talent. Having my image chosen and printed as the top in a category over thousands of other killer photos is great exposure to the right audience–the people who hire Photographers for marketing materials, ad campaigns, and editorial assignments. So, that’s cool. (I won’t say it is “free” exposure because I paid a lot of money to enter about 12 photos this year. But it’s worth it if one wins.)

In addition to also winning $100 for B & H (the NYC Disneyland for Photographers) and Canson, I apparently also get a digital SLR camera. I have no idea what that means; I highly doubt the PDN Santa will be sending me a new Nikon D4! But I’ll keep my fingers cross until a nifty package shows up on my doorstep. I’ll also get a PhotoServe portfolio (one more tool to add to my arsenal of marketing options and online presence), and a free pass to next year’s PhotoExpo. I had a blast at last year’s Expo and really enjoyed all the Artist Talks. (I’m not counting the hurricane that left me stranded for a week in LES without heat, phone, or electric for 5 very cold, dark days right after the expo ended!) And, perhaps the coolest bit, to me, my photo will be in a print gallery with the other winners at the 2014 South by Southwest Music & Media Conference. It might be just one photo in a group show, but it’s still something I can add to my curriculum vitae!

Lastly, I adore the guys in the band Black Actress. They are all super kind, fun musicians as well as supportive collaborators and friends. So, if they can also benefit from this tiny victory in any way, that’s icing on my Rock ‘n’ Roll photo cake.

P.S. This also marks one of the first times my new legally changed last name “Supernova” appears online and in print. :D


PDN January 2014 cover and page 58 featuring First Place “Live Performance” Pro Photographer winners


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

November 23, 2013

KT’s Kids: A Rock ‘n’ Roll way to help some of Chicago’s neediest children


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos


Here are a few photos I took at last year’s KT’s Kids holiday celebration at Chicago’s Schwab Hospital/Physical Rehab Center. Schwab is one of only two rehab facilities for kids in Chicago, yet they are severely underfunded since they serve most of Chicago’s uninsured children from the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods. KT’s Kids founder, Katie Augustyn (a licensed Social Worker), started the donation drive ten years ago collecting scarves and gloves for kids she saw at the hospital whose parents weren’t able to properly clothe their kids during winter months. It soon grew into something much bigger…

KT’s Kids now hosts an annual fundraiser hosted at Liar’s Club, collecting toys, funds, and winter accessories for hundreds of needy children, who are treated to a Christmas party complete with a visit from Santa, a DJ, pizza, snacks, and every child gets a gift of one toy and winter accessories.

KT’s Kids also helps host a summer field trip for some of Schwab’s kids who otherwise never get to see Lake Michigan, city parks, or go to school in some cases. This last summer KT’s Kids and Schwab were able to take about twenty disabled kids fishing, kayaking, and horseback riding. Unfortunately, they had to turn away over 80 other applicants due to lack of funds.

If you are able to contribute anything to the KT’s Kids fund, 100% of your generous donations go directly to treating these kiddos to a little Christmas and summertime joy. For more info, or link to donate. visit: http://www.ktskids.com

©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos


©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

October 26, 2013

Vintage movie poster wedding with one awesome photobomb!

©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

I recently photographed the wedding of a super cool, low key couple. They did not have many photo requests. However, their wedding and reception were at the Brookfield Zoo, a gold mine of photo opportunities! The bride mentioned wanting to do at least one photo in front of the zoo sign that had a brontosaurus next to it. But that seemed rather expected and posed for such a fun zoo feature. I asked our amazingly helpful zoo host, Terry, if there was a T. Rex in the exhibit. Of course there was. I had an idea…

When we hopped on the golf cart to do a “first look” and few other photo ops around the zoo, I then presented my idea to the newlyweds. When I mentioned a 1950′s style  vintage “When Dinos Attack” movie poster, their eyes lit up. Next stop: T. Rex. We only had about three minutes, but that’s all we needed to captures the shots I had in mind. These two were such good sports, even the bride running in high heels!

When I edited this few photos, I did a bit of research on 1950′s photography coloring. I tried to do just enough manipulation to give the images a retro feel, but still reflect a bit of modern as well. I thought it would be fun to lay the photos out in a sort of storyboard, like a comic book. Lastly, the pies de la resistance–the movie poster! I had so much fun experimenting in Photoshop and finding just the right fonts and wording. I hope the couple get a kick out of this silly little vision I came up with on the spot, and creating something a little extra on top of their expected wedding photos.


October 22, 2013

Portrait of Scott “Wino” Weinrich of Saint Vitus

©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

©Brigette Supernova / Outer Focus Photos

Here is a portrait I did recently of “Wino” Scott Weinrich of the legendary Doom Metal band Saint Vitus. I could’ve done a whole series of him, but we had extremely limited time–minutes before sound check at their Chicago concert.

October 13, 2013

Offbeat wedding couple, fabulous accessories

Offbeat wedding couple, fabulous accessories

Offbeat wedding in Dixon, IL

I cannot say enough great things about this couple. We had a great time shooting their engagement photos at a record store in Chicago as well as the concert venue where they met. When it came to their wedding day, they were both simply the coolest. Laid back, completely at ease with their “big day” and trusting of my approach to documenting their ceremony and reception.
The ceremony was a lovely event in Millennium Park downtown Chicago. We did a few cool photos as the Cultural Center. Then the whole party caravanned to beautiful Dixon, IL for a second ceremony and a super fun reception. I really need to do a second blog just to share all the creative, thoughtful details they put in to making their reception fun and memorable for guests (sock puppets, a Muppets theme, autumn florals in Mason jars, a South Park groom’s cake with roller skating cats and Loch Ness, a candy buffet…).
But, for now, I simply wanted to share some of the more formal and detailed photos of the adorable couple, and her fabulous choices of accessories. How can you not adore a brooch bouquet? What a creative twist on an old wedding tradition. The small rhinestone hair piece, dress brooch, and sparkly earrings were all perfect compliments to her bouquet. And vintage-inspired turquoise shoes? Yes, please!My idea of formal wedding photography is a bit off the beaten path, just as my clients tend to be. Even in poofy dresses and tuxedos, I try to find ways to capture their natural state and personalities while knowingly posing for my cameras. Wedding photography is as much about having people skills as it is about capturing every important moment with finesse and expertise.
Such a sweet, loving couple. I am so fortunate to have them not only as wedding clients, but now as friends in my life.
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