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August 6, 2012

Alice Cooper concert photo & my niece rockin’ out!

Alice Cooper with Orianthi

© Brigette Sullivan / Outer Focus Photos

Here’s a photo I took of Alice Cooper and his amazing young guitar talent Orianthi. Below is a photo of my darling niece rockin’ out at her first Alice Cooper show. I had one hand on her the whole time and one hand on two cameras. The people next to us were great about letting her stand on their chair for the front row view. At the end of “Elected” Cooper gave my niece one of the prop canes he uses in the show. The look on her face was priceless.

Backstage, Mr. Cooper was the nicest, most polite guy to my niece and family. She drew and gave him a picture he said he’d put on the fridge of the tour bus. Because she loves books, she asked him what he’s reading right now. He told her he’s reading a Charles Manson biography, and he’s in it! Too funny. For the sake of my niece, I wish we’d gotten the chance to say hello to Orianthi as well. My niece is a huge Michael Jackson fan and quietly hoped to meet her. All in all, one of the best memories of my life–seeing a big Rock star be so sweet and genuinely interested in a little girl and spending time with my family. Thanks for the memories and another fun show, Mr. Cooper!

Kids are the future of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

young fan at an Alice Cooper show

© Brigette Sullivan / Outer Focus Photos

Backstage with Alice Cooper

© Brigette Sullivan / Outer Focus Photos

To see complete set of photos from the show and read my review, visit my column: Brigette Sullivan for Examiner


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